Learn more about Nezumi and Shion as they live day to day together, you can ask any questions you may have however Nezumi might not be as willing as Shion to answr them... But of course it doesn't hurt to try, right? *chuckles and winks*
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No.6 headcanon: Something that Nezumi regrets deeply is Shion not being his first for a lot of things. So to make it up to Shion and mostly to make himself feel that love that should’ve been there with kisses and first times, he often take the white haired boy out on dates to his favorite places and kisses Shion like he has never had a first kiss before, clumsy and not very good. When he does this, Shion always tends to blush and moan out of the surprise when it’s this gentle and ‘clumsy’. Whenever they get home and they’ve both had a good time (and their both in the mood) Nezumi will usually take the lead with more passionate kisses and the bedroom door opening after a few tries. Their clothes are mostly thrown everywhere and Nezumi can feel his heart beat like its coming out of chest. Even though Shion knows that this isn’t his first time, it’s sometimes very comforting to know that Nezumi will act like it is and each time he does he is more than gentle with Nezumi even if he knows he can be rough. And Nezumi knows that no matter who took his first time nothing can ever compare to making love with Shion and the kisses that they share afterwards.

No.6 headcanon: when Nezumi or Shion can’t sleep, Nezumi will stroke Shion’s arm or hair and he will stroke his scar while he hums a small tune and for Shion that sometimes is enough to put him to sleep. Other times Nezumi has to hold him in his arms and sing a lullaby. As for Nezumi, Shion just strokes his hair and traces little shapes on his back (he does it sometimes on his scar as well) and shoulders while he quietly sings a song that his mother had sung to him when he was little. Doing this tends to almost always put Nezumi to sleep because he feels secure and safe in Shion’s arms just as Shion feels safe in Nezumi’s.

No.6 headcanon: One day while babysitting SJ, Nezumi notices these little bumps on SJ’s arms and calls him over to check him when he finds out that there chicken pox. Nezumi slowly backs away from him because he has never had chicken pox before so he quickly yells for Shion to get in the room. Shion wonders why Nezumi is acting strange so he too checks the little 4 year old when he bends down and smiles at SJ. “Looks like someone has chicken pox, why don’t you go into the spare bedroom and i’ll make you some soup.” to which SJ nods happily and runs into the spare room. While Shion is cleaning up the playroom he hears Nezumi sigh in relief. “Thank Elyurias I didn’t get near him too much” the next morning though, Nezumi wakes to find himself scratching like SJ was doing and he widens his eyes and checks himself seeing the same red bumps that he saw on the little boy. “No fucking way not today” Nezumi mumbles and frantically wakes Shion up who checks him and grins saying he too has chicken pox. Nezumi groans and starts rubbing his temples hoping that there is a fast cure since in a few days he has a big show coming up. “There is a fast cure, sleeping and eating plus drinking fluids now I suggest you get in that bed because you’re not going anywhere till those spots are gone” Shion grins as he says this and gets ready to make some soup for both him and SJ. Nezumi glares and hesitantly lays in bed with crossed arms. The next few days are like hell to Nezumi and he just wants to do something other than to sleep. So he attempts a breakaway so he can go outside but each time Shion or SJ catch him and when it’s SJ he always goes and tells Shion which ends in him always getting lectured by Shion. After the chicken pox are gone, Nezumi gets dressed and runs out the door happy to be able to go outside and work again without having to hear a nagging Shion every five minutes. After that incident, Nezumi has learn to be more careful with people and germs or diseases but that’s not to say that Nezumi doesn’t get them and when he does, Shion is always a little too willing to be his nurse.

OOC: the reason I do mostly vulnerable and soft Nezumi headcanons is because not allot of people focus on that side because let’s face it Nezumi doesn’t show it that often so the reason I focus on that area is because even though he doesn’t show it he still has a vulnerable side just like everyone else and the other reason is until I learn more about him angst headcanons is what I’m good at for right now but mostly I like showing that softer side to him, I don’t know if I’m the only one but I just really like bringing up that he DOES have that soft side of him and that he’s not just cold hearted he just acts that way because of all the shit he went through

No.6 headcanon: Nezumi and Shion use bondage and sexy bed gear whenever they feel a little spiced up for it. The only thing is that Nezumi will never ever admit that he actually likes seeing Shion get a little bossy and order him around. As for Shion, well he just likes having Nezumi near him even if during sex he does get a little rowdy, rough and a little controlling. Though they both do admit in the end that they love the attention that they both equally give each other because after all they are both equal in each others eyes. So it’s worth the pain and muscle aches in the morning.

No.6 headcanon: Every spring when the animals are all in mating season and flowers are blooming, Nezumi unknowingly also is in the mating season. Whenever spring rolls around, Nezumi produces a flower shaped egg which his sperm think is just a weird sperm but leave it alone. Nezumi has two choices when this time comes around: he can either impregnate someone (Shion) from the egg entering their body and both his and the person’s sperm go at it. Or having someone impregnate him with the egg being released and sitting there waiting for the person’s sperm to enter it. One night when he is in his mating month, Shion and Nezumi have a couple of drinks. Clothes are tossed and Nezumi somehow ends up on the bottom. The next morning after both Shion and Nezumi awake and get cleaned up they don’t notice anything different. However after a few weeks of constant mood swings and weird cravings, Shion gets suspicious and orders Nezumi to take a pregnancy test. Nezumi gets offended by this but huffs and takes it anyway, to his surprise it is a positive. When they find out they are expecting a baby, Shion is happy where Nezumi isn’t so sure. Things couldn’t be better but one week Nezumi notices that he’s bleeding and he panics. So Shion rushes him to the doctors where they find out they have lost the baby and Nezumi had a miscarriage. When they arrive home,Nezumi isn’t sure to be relieved or upset so he just fakes it and says, “it’s kind of good because we don’t have to worry about screaming babies” which Shion smiles a bit and nods. A few days go by and he notices Nezumi is always either outside or in the rocking chair they bought for the baby room with a frown on his face all the time. Shion doesn’t know why so he attempts to ask though Nezumi always tells him it’s nothing. Though this time he wants a answer and he isn’t leaving till he gets one. Nezumi sighs and looks at him frowning. “What do you THINK is wrong Shion, I thought you were smart geez just leave me alone” he mumbles and walks out to the porch and sits on one of the chairs biting his thumb as he holds back tears of losing a baby that was made by both him and Shion. Shion comes to check on him and notices he’s sniffling so he hugs him tightly and says that everything will be ok. The crying doesn’t last long and soon Nezumi is just leaning on Shion’s chest sadly. After a while, wordlessly Nezumi takes Shion by the hand and even Shion is about to question him he puts a finger to his lips had whispers “don’t make me change my mind” he leads Shion into the bedroom so that this time they can both prepare to make something that is made from both of them and that they will love forever. Nezumi realizes that even though he may be domesticated like inukashi teases him about all the time, he actually doesn’t mind as long as he’s with Shion. And no matter what happens he will always enjoy Shion’s company.

(I made this when my girlfriend and I were talking about our own future baby)

No.6 headcanon: Nezumi’s stage name, Eve, came from two parts. One part came from the story if Adam and Eve which half triggered his interest for the name, however the main reason for his stage name Eve is because even though he doesn’t remember her face or what she even sounded like (even though she was only a few days old, she still had a little tiny voice), his baby sister was named Eve due to the fact that his mother loved the way it sounded. He took the name Eve so his baby sister would always be remembered by him and she would live on through her name Eve, which was now used by Nezumi.

(This one might not make sense but I’ve always thought that Nezumi kind of got his stage name from remembering his mother or sister’s name at least)


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