Learn more about Nezumi and Shion as they live day to day together, you can ask any questions you may have however Nezumi might not be as willing as Shion to answr them... But of course it doesn't hurt to try, right? *chuckles and winks*
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『ようこそ、リアルへ――…』 | はくまい [pixiv]

Have I still got a chance? Shion, will I still be able to live without you? After some amount of suffering, would I be able to detach myself from the trap you’ve become? Would I be able to sever you?
Nezumi, No. 6 LN Vol. 2 (via thesexymaid)

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ARTIST // Yoshimasa Hosoya, Kaji Yuki
SONG // Nezumi Departure Scene
ALBUM // No.6 Volume 9 Drama CD Track 1


Nezumi departure scene from the Drama CD. Translation under cut.

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