Learn more about Nezumi and Shion as they live day to day together, you can ask any questions you may have however Nezumi might not be as willing as Shion to answr them... But of course it doesn't hurt to try, right? *chuckles and winks*

OOC: So The Sims 4 game comes out on the 2nd of this month and thankfully I can get it on the 3rd which is a day after it comes out though it’s like 64 dollars altogether at gamestop (like the actual game that is in your hand~) but because my mom is the coolest mom ever she’s letting me get it the day after it comes out

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ARTIST // Kaji Yuki, Yoshimasa Hosoya
SONG // Drunk Shion
ALBUM // Volume 9 Drama CD Track 2


The drunk!Shion scene from the Drama CD, translation under read more~ Enjoy!

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Do you think that Shion sometimes screams off the side of his balcony, hoping that maybe Nezumi will show up again?

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Completely transparent caps for editing or colouring


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Good night, sweet prince.