Learn more about Nezumi and Shion as they live day to day together, you can ask any questions you may have however Nezumi might not be as willing as Shion to answr them... But of course it doesn't hurt to try, right? *chuckles and winks*


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OOC: for some reason I wanna cosplay Inukashi so bad tonight… unfortunately I don’t have the wig for them but I still really want to cosplay them, hmmm…

i honestly don’t even know if I would be a really good Inukashi or not… what do you guys think?

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AWA Line-up

OOC: ok guys so i’m figuring out a way to get to AWA this year definitely but in the mean time I got my line up figured out I think XD so my line up is:

Anna and Kristoff’s love child (obviously OC for Frozen and my girlfriend and I don’t have a name yet for him)

Haru from Free!

Nezumi from No.6

I really am going to try my hardest to get there this year cuz I actually bought my ticket so hopefully I’ll see you all there :)


You spend to many lonely nights dreaming about Tachibana?
Now you have a chance to hug his soft (too soft) body every night and wake up with him by your side every morning!
Maybe you want to take him to the pool or beach? Here are two sides of Makoto, for you particular situations!
And just look, he has some long and sweet thing in his hands for these hot days!
So all you have to do is:
1) reblog! No follow needed
2) do it as many times, as you want!
3) open your ask box
4) wait till 25 September!

Thank you for being with me!
And yes, I had so much fun writing this post :DD

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Characters: Nezumi & Shion
Manga: No. 6
Artist: Kino Hinoki

I edited/cleaned it, original scan: here